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Meet The Founders: TokWise, tech platform for green energy portfolio optimization

“We believe in a green energy economy that is both sustainable and competitive”

In 2020, Innovation Capital invested in TokWise, a green energy portfolio management software that offers solutions for renewable producers and suppliers in order to create a competitive advantage in the energy market. In fact, Innovation Capital was the first institutional investor who trusted the company, paving the way for follow-on investments 200k EUR.

At the time of the investment, the founders: Krasimir, Vassil and Julien, had already left their successful corporate carriers of which they have been a part for more than 10 years and devoted themselves to the idea. The mission of the company is to accelerate the digital transition and leverage AI to maximize the value of green energy.

"There are many factors contributing to the evolvement of the startup environment in Bulgaria in recent years: the availability of more capital, extremely talented and capable technology professionals, more examples of successful young companies founded in Bulgaria and becoming global leaders in their domain. These factors contribute to the development of the ecosystem and will lead to the increase of successful examples in the future."

TokWise’s team works with customers at every step of the process and acts as a partner and trusted advisor - building transparent and lasting relationships. The ambition of the company is to become an established innovator in the energy industry, a go-to solution for companies of all sizes.

“What used to work yesterday does not work today anymore!”

(Graphic is a TokWise resource)

TokWise built an early customer base and supports some of the biggest energy companies in Germany. Next step is the expansion of the business and sales in other markets in Europe such as Austria, Spain, Netherlands and Italy. They plan to establish their “Sales and Growth” offices in these countries and support more renewables players to build sustainable and competitive business models.

"One of the things which helps us as a team is the consistency of our efforts, especially when it comes to talking to clients and investors. As a team, we believe that persistent and focused efforts always pay off. ”

TokWise Co-founders Team:

Data Science and AI Technical Lead Business Enablement


Learn more about TokWise:


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