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Meet The Founders: Iris Solutions – your OPEN BANKING partner

„We are Iris Solutions! We deliver solutions and services guaranteeing security, expertise and proven results. “

Iris Solutions is a payment institution licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank. Our Company mission is to create an accessible and secure digital environment that connects businesses and their customers.

Left to right: Mihael Mihaylov, Galya Dimitrova and Merdihan Ismailov ( a.k.a. Mero ).

In 2018, digitalization in the banking sector began to gain in popularity and demand. At the time Iris Solutions’ Team was looking for an answer to the question: “Which technology will prepare banks for the wave of innovation ahead?”.

And Iris Solutions’ answer was: “OPEN BANKING or API management”.

Open banking gives third-party payment and financial service providers access to consumer banking information, such as transactions and payment history. In order to have safe and secure access to data in Bulgaria, third parties must be licensed by the BNB as payment service providers. Open banking is not only an idea and an innovation, it is an implementation process for the PSD2 Regulation.

Open banking is competitive because of its ability to identify customers, protect shared data, optimize payment costs and improve the customer experience.

“The goal of Iris Solutions is to become the preferred, trusted provider of services and solutions based on Open Banking in the Balkans.”

Currently the company integrates over 30 banks from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Its portfolio includes the largest retail bank and the largest non-bank financial holding in Bulgaria.

„We deliver information to the largest retail provider of accounting software and initiate payments in Sofiyska Voda, donation platforms and insurance companies.“

Iris Solutions’ next goals are focused on increasing integration in the banking sector in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and penetrating into new markets such as Croatia and Slovakia. The company wants to be the main provider of payment solutions for the Bulgarian state and municipalities.

“Our Team plans to obtain over 50% of the market for services and solutions in Open Banking in Bulgaria, over 30% in Romania and over 20% in Greece and other markets in Europe.

We would like to thank Innovation Capital for its support and assistance in building a profitable development strategy. “

Galya has more than 20 years in banking, including being a Executive Director at Allianz Bank Bulgaria, and Credit Agricole Bulgaria with main priorities in banks – retail, operations, IT.

Despite being the uniting power of the whole team Galya is responsible for the relations with C-level managers, investor, Marketing, PR, Sales.

Galya Dimitrova

Managing partner

Mihael has more than 15 years in banking ( HVB, Credit Agricole ) and financial sector, participating in different projects ( creating the fisrt mortgage adviser in Bulgaria, the development of leading non-banking financial institutions etc. ) Mihael is responsible for the operational activities in the company with main focus in finance, relations with regulator, sales. — Certified in Entrepreneurship by MIT.

Mihael Mihaylov

Co-founder and

Business development manager

Mero was the digital heart of Allianz Bank Bulgaria more than 16 years , which we manage to steal, and to attract on the TPP side of Open banking. With experience in digital banking, payments, cards, project and strategic management of digital channels, on top of deep understanding in tech, he is a key person for the company. Certified in Innovation by MIT.

Merdihan Ismailov

( a.k.a. Mero )

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Selda is the IT magician. Having a substantial experience in retail banking and combining with more than 5 years in spelling the magic words of “coding” she is our army in software development and partners tech support.

Selda Ali

IT development and Support

Milen has worked in the banking sector for more than 10 years. His attitude towards the detail and his deep knowledge’s makes him the perfect Compliance manager.

Milen Minev

Complance manager


Learn more about Iris Solutions:


Facebook: @irissolutionsopenbanking

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