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Meet The Founders: The smart DoggoCollar and the Chudomir dog story

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Did you know that only 15% of lost dogs return to their owners.

Scary, isn’t it?

DoggoCollar is a smart dog collar that helps you track your pet’s location and monitor its behavior. Interesting and innovative ideas which the founders Maria, Kaloyan, Ivaylo and Teodor set out to realize, believing that the Bulgarian market provides great opportunities for a start-up company with ambitious and creative teams.

“The idea for DoggoCollar was born on a mountain walk with my friends and my dog Chudomir at the beginning of the Pandemic. Chudomir constantly gets lost and during the walk we discussed how to track the location of a dog using a smart collar. We found out that only tracking devices are available on the market.

No one had come up with a complete solution before us - a smart collar that provides real-time data on a dog's condition.”

Almost two years later, the prototype of our “super collar” is a fact - sturdy enough and waterproof for any crazy idea of ​​your pet. The team is even developing its own application, in partnership with a German provider of global SIM cards for data transfer, which allows DoggoCollar to be available worldwide. The rise of e-commerce as a result of the pandemic will help the company’s sales to take off and there is no reason why a dog from the farthest part of the world should not get the smart collar. Chudomir will probably be the first dog to receive the collar 😉

DoggoCollar’s Team (from left to right): Teodor, Maria, Kaloyan and Ivaylo. Part of the Investment Day Pitch@The Beach

Kaloyan says that they have an online store, through which the sale of DoggoCollar Gen 1 is going to start soon. At the same time, they are working on the development, testing and improvement of the second generation of collars. The second generation will monitor not only the location of the dog, but also the temperature of the environment, and the owner will receive notifications when it is dangerous for the dog as well as data on the pet’s health.

"Innovation Capital’s investment in our idea is not only financial support. That is a strategic partnership, providing us with advice and guidance in the field of investment and the startup ecosystem."

And advice from DoggoCollar’s team to all people with great ideas:

"Do not give up! Do everything possible to validate your idea before attracting investment. It is important to show that there is demand on the market for your product.

As a team with experience in online sales and advertising, we would advise people with ideas to start building their online identity as early as possible -including a website and creating profiles on social media. "


Learn more about DoggoCollar:

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