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ETA* : 13 days

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

The deadline for applications to our FMCG acceleration program is steadily approaching. You probably did the math in your head, so you know that on 6th September we will launch the new XL Radar Consumer Goods edition.

All you need is a good idea and a team! The selected teams will undergo a one-month intensive program covering business skills such as business planning, accounting and financial modelling but also specialized topics relevant to their FMCG product. The program will include both lectures and mentor sessions and will take place in our start-up lab in Sofia where our team will be at your disposal. At the end of the program the selected teams will pitch their product to a jury representing VC funds and angel investors. The jury will award investments of EUR 25,000 and 3 teams will receive a follow-on investment of EUR 75 000 based on fulfilling KPIs in the next 9 months.

The highpoint of the program will be access to a newly formed FMCG Hub and to our pool of experienced FMCG mentors. The FMCG Hub has state-of-the-art production facilities and an R&D lab as well as a packaging facility. It will allow participants in XL Radar to develop new products, to improve their formulas, conduct tests and exchange ideas and knowledge with other teams.

But even the strongest fortress is useless without men to man the walls – or, in our case, without people to manage the FMCG Hub and to help you succeed in developing your own product. This is why we have gathered a dream team of mentors representing some of the brightest success stories in the FMCG sector in Bulgaria in recent years:

  • Kalin Klasanov is a co-founder of Roo Bar, a brand that needs no introduction as it has become a household name both in Bulgaria and abroad. After his exit from Roo Bar, he took on new challenges by founding Rocket Food which offers high-quality and organic plant-based foods without preservatives or additives. We fully expect it to become at least as famous as Roo Bar.

  • Petko Tsochev has an executive MBA from the City University of Seattle and is one of the people behind Street Chefs’ success as their “Executive Chef” (personally, we couldn’t be more excited about having Street Chefs in our program).

  • Goran Dosev is an expert in FMCG products with a long experience in marketing and distribution. He started his career in Elemag and later founded Zeleo – a bio food cooking and delivery service for children (as you probably know if you are a parent).

  • Ivo Dimitrov has over 15 years of managerial experience and 6 years of entrepreneurial experience. He co-founded Meat Me Bar – high-protein bars made of meat, and in 2020 became CEO of Snack Art whose SCaLA brand offering high-quality sweet and salty snacks is quickly making its way into Bulgarians’ hearts.

  • Nikolay Todorov has founded several FMCG start-ups and is currently running Delishu – a cashew-based cream spread brand, whose main product is not only organic, vegan and lactose-free but also incredibly appealing to foodies such as ourselves.

  • On a non-food related subject, Genoveva Petrova (CEO) and Ilian Grozev (CPO) of will help participants with their distribution and internationalization. Recently, they made a successful exit from Remix.

  • Plamen Medarov also has significant experience in the FMCG sector and is the founder and CEO of Brain Foods – vegan and gluten-free snacks that will blow your mind!

  • The Bio Benjamin Chocolate Factory for vegan, organic, bio and fair trade chocolate is not part of a children’s story but actually exists in Sofia and is run by its CEO Krassimir Benjamin.

  • Orlin Kozarev is the CEO and owner of My Farm – an e-commerce food platform that allows small farmers and food producers to reach directly Bulgarian households. As a savvy CTO of several other companies he will help contestants with everything e-commerce.

  • You might know Dimitar Karaivanov as a participant in “Fermata” but to us he is better-known as the CEO of Kanbanize – a successful multi-million software company aiming to help startups and SMEs being more efficient in their operations.

  • Lyubomir Tankishev, an AUBG alumni and a veteran from Deloitte and Cash Credit Group, will help our contestants with their business strategy and business models.

  • Finally, the lovely and incredibly smart Diana Dobreva (MyCFO) and Yasena Zasheva (Dynax Invest), will help teams with their business planning, financial modelling and accounting and financial reporting. A must in any business.

It is a long list of mentors but each of them brings great value to our program, and, hopefully to all teams. If you weren’t sure before whether to apply, we hope that you have changed your mind. All of our mentors have succeeded in areas where people told them they couldn’t because they had an idea, will power and the right support. You can too.

Go to our website! Apply now!

*Estimated Time to Acceleration

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