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Meet The Founders: Celebrity video shout-outs by

The platform has over 240 celebrities like: Yordan Yovchev, Svilen Noev, Dicho, Niki Iliev, Katerina Evro, more and more. is a platform for video shout-outs and conversations with Bulgarian celebrities. Every person can request a short personal video from an athlete, actor, musician, influencer, etc. as a gift to a friend, colleague, or a loved one.

‘’ When the founders of got together, we realized that we were looking in the same direction. Each of us, at one time, wanted to make a gift to a friend with a greeting from a famous figure. This has turned into a global trend and has given us an indication that the time has come to transform the idea into a functional business model.”

The team faces many challenges, because the Bulgarian market has its own specificities relative to others, since celebrity culture varies across countries and regions . The company has undertaken the task of familiarizing the public with its products and building a work system based on personal attention and timely response to each request or video call booking. is expanding thanks to an investment from Innovation Capital. It helps them expand their advertising positioning, broaden their customer base and grow their team. Last year, the platform received over 40,000 visitors and over 3 million people on social networks.

“When starting a business, two things matter a lot: a strong team and a good product market-fit. Be confident! If you don't like your product, how are you going to inspire investment to support you?” Team:


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